Three-Phase Health Consultation for Comprehensive Assessment

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Phase 1: Unraveling Your Goals and Lifestyle Habits

Your Health Consultation begins with a comprehensive discussion - exploring your fitness objectives and nutritional habits to craft a personalized wellness strategy.

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Phase 2: Rigorous Mobility Evaluation

Our thorough mobility evaluation examines each joint's range of motion and the flexibility of every major muscle. This process enables us to pinpoint and prioritize the stretches vital for your tailored workout routine.

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Phase 3: Detailed Body Fat Analysis

By analyzing your body weight and body fat, we'll set distinct, achievable goals. Then, we pave the way for you to confidently stride towards these milestones!

Ready to Sweat? Join Our Energizing Classes!

After completing your Health Consultation, you're all set for an incredible class experience! Leveraging your results, we'll expertly guide you towards the classes that perfectly align with your needs and goals.

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